Our extensive range of acrylic, steel and stone resin baths makes finding the perfect bath effortless.

Frontline Aquabathe and Aquanatural Baths


  • Single Ended Baths
    Single ended baths slope at one end making them suitable for taps installation at the foot end of the bath.
  • Double Ended Baths
    Double ended baths slope at both ends meaning that two people can bathe at the same time. Double ended baths require taps to be installed in the middle of the bath along the long tap ledge. The waste and overflow are also commonly in the middle of the bath.
  • Shower Baths
  • Freestanding Baths
  • Slipper Baths
  • Corner Baths
    Corner baths are idea for those who like a deep soak and want a different layout for the bathroom. Corner baths don't usually take up much space along one wall meaning they can be suitable for installation in smaller bathrooms.
  • Bath Panels
  • Bath / Shower Screens
  • Bath Accessories

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